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The Haiti Earthquake

Natural Disaster Or Man-Made?

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A number of things have surfaced regards the catastrophe in Haiti. Some questions for you:

  •  Why have the US and the UK been so keen to assist?
  •  Do the west, the G7 in particular really care about one of the poorest nations in the world?
  •  Could the earthquake have been caused by a Tectonic weapon (earthquake bomb)
  •  Why have the media campaigns for the relief effort been so intense especially in the US and UK?
  •  Why have the G7 been so kind as to cancel Haiti's debt?
  •  Is it possible that the US have used HAARP technology to discover that Haiti is sitting on billions of barrels of oil?
  •  Is it possible that the use of HAARP technology has caused the shifts in weather patterns around the world and that "global warming" is really a money making front?

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has something to say. Watch the clips below and discern for yourself.




News clip reporting a damning statement of the US government by president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,

believing a tectonic weapon was used to cause the Haitian earthquake.



President Hugo Chavez's views on the US and capitalism.




This is a very interesting video on what HAARP is and how it can be used - even as a weapon.



More information on HAARP explaining how it's use can modify weather systems - global warming?!!


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